Unlock Your Transferrable Skills While Substitute Teaching

If you are working through the next move, you would like to make professionally, offering your services as a substitute teacher can help you revisit your transferrable skills. If you have ever desired to be an educator at any level, substitute teaching can help prepare you to understand the infrastructure of academic institutions, quality of lesson plans, and how to connect with an organizational hierarchy. Establishing professional relationships with quality educators and administrators can support your professional brand positioning through the form of recommendation as you pursue your next role.

Going inside an organization will allow you to gain an increased perspective on school districts, funding allocation, policies and procedures, and protocol. Creating visibility of who you are as a professional consistently creates an opportunity for you to stay top of mind should a permanent position become available. Keep in mind, and educational systems have many roles that may align with your long-term career goals. Having clarity about how an educational system works and establishing relationships can give you an advantage over other interview candidates.

Many careers do not allow a trial period. A career as an educator will enable you to take advantage of a trial run before pursuing a full-time job as an educator or education staff member. During your time as a substitute teacher, use the time to develop, connect, and inspire!

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