Stress Reduction Tips for Young Scholars

COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. The way students learn and will learn will never be the same. For students that were not online learners prior, the transition to online learning has been a challenge for them and their parents. The challenge has also manifested into stress for children and parents throughout this pandemic.

The following are seven ways to help your young scholar have balance while learning online:

  1. Create a space in your home for learning. Have fun with this by allowing your child to select furniture pieces and decorations from throughout the house to decorate their space.
  2. Design an inspiration board. If you do not have magazine subscriptions, ask a neighbor or friend for a few magazines. Take a paper grocery bag and cut out the bottom of it. Encourage your child to tape or glue the images they like on to the flat paper bag. This will allow your child to stay focused on what inspires them while sitting in the learning space.
  3. Use Sundays for meal prep with the help of your child. Have your child evaluate the groceries that you allocate to them for their meal prep and snacks. Work together to make meals for the week that are easy and fun. Keeping their brain fueled will help keep them focused.
  4. Set-up online playdates with friends via Zoom. Create themes for the events with set days and times so that the children have something to look forward to. Students can share updates from their week or maybe an item that is important to them.
  5. Work with your insurance provider to access online sessions with a child psychologist. Many insurance providers offer 5 EAP sessions. These could be used to allow your student to have a safe space to talk about their feelings and how they feel about their existing home conditions. Having a place to unlock their feelings can help them release pinned up aggression and anxiety around recent changes.
  6. Reward with fun school supplies. Design a reward system that aligns with your goals and expectations around their school work and offer a small weekly experience or gift for them to look forward to when completing their assignments. Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Dollar General, and Office Depot have great supplies at a variety of price points.
  7. Design a schedule for your family and remember to include breaks. Online learning can be draining. Allowing for breaks that allow children to go outdoors can provide an outlet for them to decompress. If possible, taking a daily walk together can also encourage communication and exercise.

In conclusion, communication and expression are key. Providing creative outlets for your children to explore their talents and providing resources for them to communicate can support the healthy development for your child. Having something to look forward to can help motivate a child when they feel uncertain.

If you are in need of additional support for your child, visit

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Unlock a New Job Opportunity with Substitute Teaching

Teachers are needed now more than ever as the world makes a shift to increased online learning. If you have been searching for a job that offers flexibility and allows you to leverage your expertise, substitute teaching may be a good fit for you.

The following are a few ways you can leverage substitute teaching as a new job opportunity.

You can help parents keep their children on track with learning and development
The reality is every teacher is not going to be able to work every day. You can help students stay on track with their education while offering a positive environment for growth.

Unlock skills that you forgot you have
Substitute teaching may challenge you to tap into transferable skills that you may not have used in some time. By tapping into these skills may help you unlock new potential and better prepare you for your next long-term role. Keep your skills sharp!

Help the schools that need it most
Vacancies in schools can stress an organization due to a lack of people resources. By offering yourself as a resource, you are supporting the growth and development of students while helping a school reach its educational goals.

Design your schedule
Having the ability to design your own schedule has many benefits for an individual that needs flexibility in their life. You can work on days that are best for you while earning.

Work Multiple Jobs
Having flexibility can also allow you to work another job. This is great if you are trying to reach a specific professional development and or financial goal.

Select Your Classroom
Substitute teaching allows you to select the class you prefer to work with based on age, subject, frequency, etc. Maybe you have always loved science! Use your love for a particular topic to help young scholars appreciate that topic as well!

Build Your Network
Having to stay inside limits our ability to network as we did before COVID-19. Meeting other educators and staff will allow you to expand your network while working on landing your next role.

Bring Joy to Your Life
Being an educator can be an adventure. Imagine being able to transform the lives of our future. Students are eager to have new and creative ways to learn. Having an impact on the lives of others will bring joy to your life!

In conclusion, the world has a problem, and that problem is a lack of educators during this pandemic. Lend your expertise and gain the reward of shaping our scholars and future leaders.



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Unlock Your Transferrable Skills While Substitute Teaching

If you are working through the next move, you would like to make professionally, offering your services as a substitute teacher can help you revisit your transferrable skills. If you have ever desired to be an educator at any level, substitute teaching can help prepare you to understand the infrastructure of academic institutions, quality of lesson plans, and how to connect with an organizational hierarchy. Establishing professional relationships with quality educators and administrators can support your professional brand positioning through the form of recommendation as you pursue your next role.

Going inside an organization will allow you to gain an increased perspective on school districts, funding allocation, policies and procedures, and protocol. Creating visibility of who you are as a professional consistently creates an opportunity for you to stay top of mind should a permanent position become available. Keep in mind, and educational systems have many roles that may align with your long-term career goals. Having clarity about how an educational system works and establishing relationships can give you an advantage over other interview candidates.

Many careers do not allow a trial period. A career as an educator will enable you to take advantage of a trial run before pursuing a full-time job as an educator or education staff member. During your time as a substitute teacher, use the time to develop, connect, and inspire!

Join our Educator’s Now team and start your adventure as a substitute teacher!

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America’s Students Need You! Why Substitute Teachers Are Needed Now More Than Ever

Are you currently in transition or anticipating a layoff? While pursuing your next role, unlock your local community’s power while sharing your knowledge with the country’s most essential and valuable asset, our scholars, and future leaders. Many lawyers, realtors, and entrepreneurs have been lending their expertise in substitute teaching for years. You can unlock this earning opportunity as you wait for your next professional role to open up.

With parents being forced to become educators while working full-time. The stress of oversized online classrooms and students losing the motivation to learn, reducing classroom size, and bringing in additional support can help the nation take on the after-effects of this global pandemic. If you have never considered a role in education, the time is now! Students need qualified and educated professionals that care.

The great thing about substitute teaching is that it offers a valuable benefit that many jobs do not, and that benefit is flexibility. Substitute teachers are allowed to provide their availability and select the roles they want when they want. Having this flexibility can allow you to focus on the pursuit of your next role while earning. Having flexibility can also return valuable time back to you that can be allocated to family, professional development, and the pursuit of things that you have put off for some time.

Educators Now is searching for Quality Educators to provide substitute teaching services. You do not have to have a professional career in education. We believe in diversity and are excited to welcome professionals that care about shaping our future leaders and scholars. Schedule your interview and start your next role as a substitute teacher.


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Educators Now Fest

Click to visit our event site.

Educators Now LLC. announces our inaugural back to school event, Educators Now Fest, “A Day to Celebrate You” August 17th, 2019. We are celebrating our spectacular educators, along with our many partnered schools and their families. Educators Now was founded to aid all educational institutions with placement, recruitment and retention of qualified educators. We work with partners in private schools k-12, Montessori schools, charter schools, early childhood programs, and Head Start programs in Metro Atlanta and beyond. As we continue to expand we are establishing new ways to give back to a community that is often under appreciated. This celebration will be held from 11:00 AM -3:00 PM at Relapse Theatre Parking lot: 380 14th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308.


Educators Now Fest will be a carnival-like event filled with games and food for our educators and their families. A bouncy house, face painting, balloon making, game truck, bbq food, slushies, ice cream and more will be present. Along with the fun, out team of specialist will be conducting on-site interviews for those looking to further their career in education. We are looking to recruit 50 people and we will be providing free background checks for everyone!

The day continues that evening, we will be hosting two comedy shows at Relapse Theatre with a full line-up of comedians active in education. We anticipate a full day of activities to show our appreciation. Sponsors will be recognized throughout the evening.

Education is our passion and we want all institutions to have the right people in place. We know that great educators ensure that each scholar has the tools needed to excel. With your help we can continue to support and touch one scholar/educator at a time.

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The Learning Network

This blog is under the New York Times umbrella. Their main audiences are teachers, students, and parents that want to use the NYTs content as inspiration for teaching materials. Teachers can use the section “Text to text” as lesson plans in areas such as American History, Civics, Current Events, and Social Studies.
Students can also comment on stories in the Student Opinion section, as long as they’re 13 years or older.

myAJC Link

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Inside Higher Education

This is a great source of content for anyone in higher education, including those looking for jobs. They have sections including Admissions, Books, Technology, Career Advice, and Diversity. They also offer a number of webinars and research in the higher ed space. Their most recent study was on Federal Accountability and Financial Pressure which surveyed college and university presidents.


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